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Product Launch

We partnered with Devolver Digital to support the launch of their “Reverse City Builder” title Terra Nil which released on PC in March 2023. We wanted to showcase the ecological strategy, gorgeous landscapes and unique take on the genre through different types of formats that would help capture our audience’s attention. To achieve this, we activated media across a variety of Social Channels, Video Platforms and Endemic Gaming sites.

We partnered with PCGamer who created a fully bespoke interactive skin which ran across the PCGamer homepage on the day of release and resulted in a 2-3x increase in interaction time. The format featured a “swipe and reveal” element encouraging users to interact with the skin giving them a deeper insight into the visuals of the game and what they could expect to see if they were to play themselves. Additionally, PCGamer changed their brand logo on the day of release to give it a “Terra Nil” feel.

Media Strategy, Planning and Implementation
Social, Video, Display, Content